I am a proud member of MIND and a Time to Change Champion. I am available for interviews, acting and voiceover roles and after-dinner speaking. I am local to West London. Email is below.

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My qualifications include 12 GCSEs, including Maths, English, Science, IT and Graphics and I also have 3 A Levels;  Physics, History and ICT. I hold a full clean motorbike and car license for over 9 years. I have appeared on LBC Radio and The Guardian newspaper.   

In June 2015, I tried to kill myself. The main cause was stress and workload at work, since we had lost several members of staff without them being replaced, but the trigger was an incident at work where I defended someone I 'saw' as vulnerable but I came under attack. Without consciously knowing it, I needed to look after that vulnerable person just as I did when I was the sole carer for my Mother between the ages of 8 and 13. She died when I was 13 from alcoholism. My 'damaged' hardware and software of my mind crashed. Once I returned to work, I volunteered my NHS assessments to my employer, saw their appointed Doctor who gave them a list of adjustments (which they only followed one of) and I agreed to be more open rather than bottle things up. I did. We all did.

I lasted just over 3 months. The trigger was when I brought something to the attention of my senior Manager and challenged him, just like we are always being told to. I told him he had offended some of the staff and he replied with "I don't care". It set off the same cascade failure we had seen a few months earlier except this time, I asked for help. When I told that same manager I had been signed off due to work he replied "No one else has a problem." He even tried to convince me to resign. I've seen GPs, my psychologists, I've spoken with solicitors and legal teams at Citizens Advice Bureau and ACAS as well as the fantastic team at MIND, the mental health charity. He discriminated against me, I assume because of my disability. I self harmed because of him.  They knowingly exacerbated my condition. If I didn't ask for help they would have my blood on their hands.


I want to tell my story becuase suicide, not cancer or car accidents, is the biggest killer of men in the UK (aged under 50, ONS) and more teenagers are self-harming than ever before. Staying silent isn't solving the problem but talking openly and honestly, is the only safe and constructive way to dismantle stigma and help others seek the help they need.


Even though I am so much better than a few months ago when I tried to kill myself, I am will always suffer anxiety and depression linked to my condition (Borderline Personality Disorder) It would be great if I could do more interviews like the ones for The Guardian,  LBC  and fill my life positive releases such as my blog.



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